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[3] अ a and आ aa अ does perhaps not replace the consonant, if you see a consonant without a modifying symbol, it will probably have this vowel audio. [4] Whenever आ is added to a consonant, you add the expression ा to your end of this consonant (for instance, न na becomes ना naa when आ is added to it). इ i and ई ee Whenever इ is added to a consonant, you add the expression ि towards the left-hand part of the consonant (before the consonant). Whenever ई is added to a consonant, you add the symbol ी off towards the right-hand side regarding the consonant (after the consonant). उ u and ऊ oo When उ is added to a consonant, you add the image ु underneath the consonant. When ऊ is added to a consonant, you add the sign ू underneath the consonant.

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  • com WATCH: ""Tere Bin"" Video Song | Wazir " Album: Airlift Composer: Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari Music: T-series Price: Rs.
  • 175 Bollywood: An action thriller calls for songs that are different from the romantic fare.
  • Often, the songs and background score chart the pace of the sequences.
  • The soundtrack of 'Airlift' starts with composer Amaal Mallik and singers Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar coming together for 'Soch Na Sake'.
  • The song is adapted from Hardy Sandhu's 'Soch'.
  • There is a solo version of this duet with Arijit's vocals that is equally enchanting.
  • The tempo switches from romantic to fun with 'Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi'.