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Velar consonants, pronounced making use of the rear of the tongue at the roofing regarding the throat and mouth (e. g. , k or g in English): क k, ख k (a), ग g, घ g (a), ङ n Palatal consonants, pronounced by increasing the front side associated with tongue only behind the gums[8] (e. g.

In fact having a discussion in Hindi is the most vital way to discover the language. Find a pal in your language class or look on the web in language forums for people looking to exercise their particular conversational Hindi. There are additionally tracks of basic phrases online which you can relate to. [28] Focus on phrases like:[29] Hi! , Hindi: Namastey! , script: नमस्ते Great early morning! , Hindi: Suprabhaat, script: सुप्रभात Good night!

'Ab tohe jane na dungi' is a romantic number in a serious mode with Payal Dev and Shreyas Puranik on playback. Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra's dance-off in 'Pinga' rooted in the Marathi tradition on the album Shreya and Vaishali perform just as well behind the mike. 'Aaj ibaadat' blends Hindu and Muslim devotional hymns, with Shashi and Shreyas delivering the Marathi lines Javed Bashir leading the Sufi chant. 'Fitoori' is a Marathi folk song written by Prashant Ingole with Vaishali Made and Ganesh Chandanshive giving the vocals like Marathas.

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