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M. Kreem Solo 2006 "Tu Bin Bataaye" Rang De Basanti A. R. Rahman Naresh Iyer 2007 "Baazi Lagaa" Guru A.

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[citation needed] In Western cinema, often a composer who specializes in film music is responsible for the bulk of music on the film's soundtrack, and while in some films songs may play an important part (and have direct relationship to the subject of the film), in Bollywood films, the songs often drive large-scale production numbers featuring elaborate choreography. Also in western films, a music director or "music coordinator" is usually responsible for selecting existing recorded music to add to the soundtrack, typically during opening and closing credits, whereas In Bollywood films, the music director often has a much broader role encompassing both composing music/songs specifically for the film and (if needed) securing additional (licensed) music, whereas the lyricist of Bollywood songs is less likely to be the same composer or music director, as Bollywood films often go to great lengths to include lyrics of special significance and applicability to the film's plot and dialogue, and/or the words of highly-regarded poets/lyricists set to music written specifically for such words in the film, as noted above. Bollywood film songs have been described as eclectic both in instrumentation and style. [6] They often employ foreign instruments and rework existing songs, showing remarkable inventiveness in the reinvention of melodies and instrumental techniques. [7] Indian cinema, with its characteristic film music, has not only spread all over Indian society, but also been on the forefront of the spread of India's culture around the world.